Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Friday

It's been two weeks since my last post.  Bad blogger.  Very bad blogger.

Part of the reason I've been MIA is this:

And this:

And this:

 And this:

And, lastly, this:

It's a never-ending battle really.  I clean one thing while the kids are destroying something else.  I clean a mess while they make 12 more.

For instance, last Sunday I was neck high in laundry.  My daughter decided it was a great idea to open up the garage at that very moment.  Usually no big deal.  Problem is, while our garage was blocked by a massive ice/snow bank during the winter, we couldn't get to the garbage that was in there to take it to the curb.  When the snow finally melted and I opened the door, I discovered that critters had been feasting on the garbage for weeks and it was all over the place in there.  When I realized what happened, I immediately shut the door and decided I'd take care of it another day.

Point of the story:  Jayden decided to move said garbage into the driveway at the precise moment I was involved in another major project, in essence creating a situation that I needed to take care of immediately.  I love shoveling rotten garbage.  Don't you?

You know what else is a problem?

This bowl of Sweet Tart jelly beans was filled yesterday at approximately 2 p.m.  I placed it right beside my computer on my desk.

This is what the bowl looks like now:

They're just so tasty...I can't help myself.

Guess what I found under Jayden's pillow last night?

Mm-hmm.  Yup.  That's a rock...more like a small boulder actually.

And she legitimately was mad at me when I told her to put it back outside.  I just don't understand sometimes...

Oh, and as I'm doing the laundry, I'm discovering that all of my kids' pants look like this now.

They have been stuck inside all winter, yet every pair of jeans has holes in both knees.

It's puzzling...and annoying.  They're down to, like, one pair of good pants each and the rest are junk.

So I guess that's all the randomness I have for this chilly Friday morning.

Have a lovely weekend!

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