Monday, May 16, 2011

Dancing Queen

On Saturday morning, Jayden woke up and bugged me non-stop about getting ready for dance recital rehearsal.  She was going to be able to wear make-up, for Pete's sake, and she wanted to get on with it already.

This was going to be her first recital experience, and she was wicked excited.

I definitely should have noticed that her tie was askew.

Several hours later, we pulled into the parking lot and she proceeded to barricade herself in the car...she flat out refused to get out, begged me to take her home.  She had a sudden onset of severe stage fright.

So I dragged her by the arm into the auditorium and that was that.

Turn to Sunday, the day of the show.  Once again, she was up bright and early and wanting to get ready...except this time there was not a hint of nervousness.

She was about the 35th act out of 70, so she had to sit in the audience with me for a loooooooooooong time before her performance.  I thought for sure she was going to be a  nervous wreck the closer we got to her turn, but she wasn't.

And when it was her class's time to perform, she did a great job.

She was showered with flowers by her adoring fans.

And she was awarded with a medal for completing her first year of dance classes, which she proudly wore around her neck to school this morning.

She had a great weekend.

As for me, my back is still killing me from sitting in the same spot for 5 hours yesterday.  Holy recitals are long.  Thankfully they're only once a year.  :)

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