Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet....

I love autumn.  I love fall decor.  I love the way it smells outside.  I love that we don't need the heat or air-conditioner to be comfortable.

However, I am not a fan of Halloween for so many reasons.

Number one, the costumes are expensive and they're ripped by the time we get home from trick-or-treating.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure we could make them for way cheaper...BUT time is money and I don't have time for all that.  Kudos to you if you have creativity to do something like that.  Since I don't have mad skills, I head to Target and pay an arm and a leg there.

Number two, by the time October 31 rolls around, it's cold outside.  Even dressed in layers, both kids were freezing and miserable after just 10 minutes.  So you buy a costume only to cover it up with a winter coat to go trick-or-treating.  Jayden was in tears because she was so frozen, and she vowed to never go out for Halloween again.

Yeah, right.

I said to her, "But, Jayden, just think of all that candy you'll have when we get home."

And with her sassy attitude she said, "I don't care.  It rots your teeth anyway."

So true.

After tonight, my children have 80 pounds of candy...EACH.  They were wired, out of their minds in sugar shock by the time we got home.

I'll probably have to rob their stash little by little so they don't notice things are missing.  But if I'm just going to throw the candy out anyway, what was the damn point of walking 20 miles and freezing my ass off in the first place to get it?

I do have to say that Jayden looked adorable this year, my little sailor. 

 I even convinced her to wear her hair in a bun.

Ryan had to be Darth Vader (or Dark Vader, as Ryan calls him) because it was the only costume left in his size.  Procrastination strikes again.

Halloween is just not my favorite holiday.

But it's something that I think of fondly when I think of being a kid...and I'm going to make sure my kids have the same memories.

One thing I do wish is that it always fell on a Saturday because my kids are NOT going to want to get out of bed in the morning and go to school.  I feel bad for their teachers...really, really bad.  Tired, sugar-shocked kids.  Oh, what fun.

The upside to Halloween?  Tomorrow is November 1st.

Know what that means?


Now that's a holiday I am always down for.


  1. I love the kids costumes Jess, they look fab! I understand totally what you mean though. Enjoy the few years you have before they won't want to do this at all.

  2. Enjoy your commentaries on life with the family Jess....someday, I'll be reading a novel authored by you!! Jayden looks absolutely adorable and hoping she was feeling much better, as Mom told me you were all down with a cold...just not fair. Tell Jayden same thing happened to me on my birthday too and rained on my parade, still working on feeling 100%. Love you sweetie!!

  3. Love the costumes!! You are such a great mother to your kids- so inspiring!

  4. Isn't it worth all the smiles when they get home and look at their stash!It's like when we were young got to go out and get lots of candy! Thats the whole fun of it, got to fill up that pillowcase!