Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to the "fresh start" of 2014.

As of right now, I'm 11 weeks pregnant.  Morning sickness has been plaguing me for weeks, which is not something I ever experienced before, but it seems like it's easing up now.  The only thing that makes me throw up for sure is when I brush my teeth.  It's awful!  But the torture will be worth every second. 

I've been wanting to have another baby for a long time, but my husband was not in agreement until last December.  He wanted us to be living in a house, not an apartment, which is a valid argument.  But since that endeavor is going to take us a while longer, he finally agreed to try again.  (I'm not getting any younger!)   It took us almost a year to get pregnant.  Just as I was thinking it might not happen, I was pleasantly surprised with two pink lines.

I went for an ultrasound two days ago.  I was so nervous going into the room, but when she put the wand on my belly, the baby was bouncing around and I could see his/her heart flickering.  I've been so anxious this pregnancy, even though I know worrying about "what-ifs" is a big waste of time. I'll feel so much better when I can poke my belly and the baby will kick back.

Baby Noble is due on July 22nd.  Brand gets to name this baby, so he's been torturing me with the possible names.  Right now he says it's either Chandler or Phoebe.  I love Friends as much as the next person...but hell no.  :)