Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starting fresh...

I've been reading blogs every day for, like, two years least.

I have my daily favorites...and it seems like I find new ones each week that pull me in. If you calculated the amount of hours I sit in front of my laptop just reading about other women's crafts, parenting, and home decorating, it would probably total some absurd number. It's crazy how I think of these women as my friends. I don't talk to any of them either, except some comments here and there from me, but I feel like I know them.

I've been debating starting my own blog for quite a while. Well, actually, I did start one quite some time ago, but I never posted. So I'm going to try this again because I really feel like it will be therapeutic for me...sort of serve as my diary.

So let me get right to it, huh?

Today I did something to write down in the book of "I'm an ass."

My husband and I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch. At the end of the meal, we got fortune cookies (duh) and we were eating them as we were walking out. I wasn't really paying attention to my cookie -- I was more into the conversation -- until I realized that I had something weird stuck in my teeth.

Weird like paper.

Guess who ate her fortune?

Stupid. Ass.