Friday, March 25, 2011

One of those mornings

This morning I woke up 16 minutes late with a throbbing migraine on the right side of my head.  16 minutes might not seem like much, but my morning routine with the kids takes exactly 45 minutes.

I resigned myself to the fact that they were going to be late for school.  I was going to have to walk them into school and sign them in, in the office.  In other words, I was going to have to go on the walk of shame, the walk where you get the stink eye from the school secretary for being tardy.

I decided that I wasn't even going to stress the fact that I was going to have to go into the school with the worst bed head ever.  Whatever.

Problem is, when I tell my kids to hurry up, that must translate in their minds somehow to:  "Get ready as slowly as possible.  Take 5 minutes to put your pants on."  Their ability to rush is nonexistent.

And then right as we were getting ready to go, Ryan informed me that his backpack was missing.  I wrote a blog a few months ago about what a sin it apparently is to go to school without your backpack.  Needless to say, he was freaking out, absolutely losing it over his damn backpack.

After about 7 precious minutes of searching and me screaming at him, the backpack was still nowhere to be found, so I threw a tote bag at him and told him that if he doesn't hang up his backpack every day after school, punishments will be fierce.  I was mad as hell....and my migraine definitely was not helping me keep my cool.

So about 15 minutes after they're supposed to be at school, we walk into the office.  The secretary looks at me and says, "I'm confused.  So his backpack was here without him?"

This is when I felt like smacking my head against my palm as hard as I could.

He left his backpack on the bus yesterday afternoon.  It was never in the house to begin with.

Happy Friday!

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