Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  I'm 19 weeks pregnant.  I feel good for the most part.  I'm definitely growing and starting to feel the baby move a little more each day.  Some days my back and pelvis area really hurt, and some days my heartburn is off the charts; but I'm just trying to enjoy this experience.  I'm starting to get excited.  This is going to be a completely different experience than my first and second baby.  I was pretty much deliriously tired when my son was born.  I don't remember much of his babyhood, which is sad.  This time around I'm older, definitely wiser, and I have lots of hands to help!  Jayden is super psyched, especially since we found out it's a girl! 

2.  Jayden's basketball team won their second playoff game last night.  Off to the championship game!  I'm so excited for them.  They started off the season a little shaky, but they have come a long way.  Jayden is a totally different kid on the court this season than she was last year.  She's incredibly aggressive but still a little unsure of herself.  I'm so glad she loves the game like her dad.

3.  Ryan received an outstanding note home from his gym teacher yesterday:

"To the parents of Ryan Noble,

I have the honor of being Ryan's Physical Education teacher.  Ryan is a fantastic student.  He always listens and follows directions.  One of the things I like most about Ryan is that he has fun in the gym but he always stops and listens when I ask him to.  If his friends are talking, Ryan does not talk with them.  Instead, he will move or ignore his friends so he can hear directions.  Ryan is the definition of a STAR student.  He is always respectful towards his friends and always shows me respect.  Ryan easily grasps the concepts that are presented in class. I try to challenge Ryan by making skills harder for him, making him a group leader, or asking him to model a skill for his peers.  Ryan goes above and beyond what is asked of him in class.  He uses great sportsmanship and brings a positive attitude to class every day.  He always works hard to learn new concepts and practices until he masters each skill.  Ryan also challenges himself by setting high personal expectations.  Each student has a fitness journal and Ryan's goal in his fitness journal was to raise his PACER/running score.  Ryan has been improving his score and working hard each time we run the PACER.  I just wanted to take the time to let you know the great job Ryan is doing in Physical Education.  He is a model student and a pleasure to have in class."

Just wow. 

I love that he took the time to write that! 

We are so proud of this guy!

4.  The kids are growing like weeds around here, so spring cleaning is happening right now as I get rid of all the clothes that don't fit.  I'm so sick of piles in every room.  I'll be so happy when it's finally under control.

5.  There is a cat in our neighborhood who thinks she lives in my house.  We call her Shadow.  We have no idea if she actually belongs to anybody.  We started letting her inside at night when it was arctic cold a month and a half ago because we felt really bad for her.  She meows when she wants to go back outside and then meows at my back door when she's ready for a cozy nap on the couch.  We are such cat people around here, but our landlord doesn't want us to have pets, which technically I don't...but I guess I sort of do!  It's a complicated cat relationship.  :)

Happy Friday! 

Feet were definitely dragging around here this morning.  We are all looking forward to a Saturday morning with no plans!