Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

Over the weekend I did 7,980,789,079 loads of laundry...approximately.

I still have more to go.

However, you can finally see my bathroom floor.  Looky there.  Pretty amazing.

A bunch of stuff had fallen behind the dryer from stacking clean unfolded clothes on top of it for weeks, but I couldn't get back there myself, so I called in some reinforcements.

Doesn't he look so delighted to help his mama?

Um, yeah, there was an empty Snapple bottle back there.  That addiction is still going strong.

When he was finished, we had a little photo shoot with my iPhone.  Trying to get this guy to stay still and smile is not easy.

I know how to make him laugh, though, and put a genuine smile on his face.  Mama knows all the funny jokes...

Aside from laundry, I did a little of this:

Speaking of Words With Friends, did you know I'm a master?  Here's some proof:

Oh, and I refilled the candy bowl.  This time with Sweet Tart gummies.  They didn't even last as long as the jelly beans.

Remember the rock I found under Jayden's pillow?  Well, she colored it to look like an Easter egg.  And all weekend long I'd find it and put it outside and she'd bring it back inside.  I'm about to take it for a little drive....

Happy Monday!!!

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