Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day 2013

Summer is officially over again.

Today began a new routine for us.

Jayden headed off to 5th grade at an intermediate school, and Ryan began 4th grade at his elementary school.  They start and end about a half an hour apart, which is just enough to make me a little crazy.

Jayden has been so nervous to start at a new school, and she was less than pleased with me that I made her take the bus.  Her day went fine, though, just as I knew it would.  I rewarded her by taking her to have her teeth cleaned after school.  What can I say, I'm nice like that.  :)

I can't believe how fast they are growing up.  It makes me sad and giddy at the same time.  They're independent now...but that means they're not babies anymore.  Bitter sweet, man.

How did we end up here so fast?

They were pipsqueaks just last week, weren't they?


Brand and I did enjoy a nice little lunch date at a Mexican spot in town.  Solo guac and salsa to celebrate the quiet afternoon.  We even walked there holding hands.  Romantical, I tell ya.  :)

And now I must fill out a hoard of forms...times 2.

Happy Back to School!!!