Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Randomness

Even though Jayden is not feeling good today and stayed home, the second I stepped foot outside to bring Ryan to school, I was instantly in a good mood.


I can hear birdies chirping.

It gives me hope that maybe the groundhog was right...and spring is coming early.

Right now I'm enjoying a Dunkin' Donuts tea while listening to this:

I have a confession.

My name is Jessica Noble and I'm a Justin Bieber fan.


Know what else makes me smile?

The fact that Jayden is on the couch watching Handy Manny.

Listening to kiddie shows really makes me reminisce of the mornings when she was a baby.  We would wake up, change her dipe, fill up the sippy cup, and put on cartoons.

When she was a baby, her favorite was Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

Ack.  Footsie Jams.

My peach is getting too big.


Have a spectacular day!

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