Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Snow Day

I really should just get used to it.  This is going to continue to be the winter from hell.  I think we've had five feet of snow already...and a nice little ice storm earlier in the week just for good measure.

I realize this is New England, but it hasn't been this bad since...well, I can't remember it ever being like this.  It makes driving a treacherous, terrifying experience, especially when you have a front-wheel-drive car (like me.)

The kids went back to school yesterday for a half-day...and that's all the education they've had since January 11th.  Today is the 21st.  Ridonkulous.


Jayden has a new hobby.

She now talks on the phone with her best friend, and she wants to call her 350 times a day.

They have absolutely nothing to talk about.  It's actually quite amusing.

The other day I was listening from another room and heard Jayden say, "One of my clocks says it's 3:14 and the other one says it's 3:15.  What time does your clock say?"

Riveting conversations, huh?


In other news, my husband got a promotion at work.  He'll no longer be third shift.  That makes me very happy.  When he's not home at night, I don't sleep in my bed.  I'm too scared to be upstairs alone.

Yeah, I said it.  I'm scared.

I'm a big baby.  I usually just climb in bed with one of the kids or crash on the couch.


My car needs new brakes and new tires and the check engine light is on.

Unfortunately, all these days my kids have snow days are days I have to take off from work.

So I'm broke....and we don't have credit cards.

Quite the quandary.


So those are the current events in my household.

Right at this very moment, Jayden is sitting practically on top of me to my left and Ryan is in the same position on my right and they're SCREAMING at each other.  They're literally two feet away from one another and my ears are directly between's making it very hard to concentrate.

So on that note...

Happy Friday!

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