Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

Dear Jayden,

Tonight we went to Target.  While we were there, you drove me crazy (like you always do at the store.)  I constantly get mad at myself for getting annoyed with you.  After all, you are just like me.  You like to walk around and browse and pick things up, check them out, and take your sweet time.  We didn't have time for that today, and I kept telling you to "put it down" and "come on, we have to go." 

When we were walking to our car, an older woman came up to us and asked us for money to buy food.  If I had had some, I would have given it to her (because I'm a sucker like that).  Unfortunately, I had no cash to give her...not even a quarter.  Immediately you were very sad and concerned.  Situations like that weigh heavy on you.  You told me that I should have given her a box of Gushers since we just bought two boxes.

You have such a big heart.  I love that about you.


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