Thursday, July 19, 2012

Working and Smashing and Painting

Today started off great.  My job was at 11:00, so I hit zero traffic and the deposition itself was short and easy.

Before I ventured back to the house, I went to my happy place.

I ended up being trapped there for over an hour because a severe storm hit and there was no way in hell I was driving home in it.  I was pretty much scared out of my mind.

Anyway, Jayden needed some paint to complete a canvas she started the other night.

Ryan surprisingly wanted a a Smash Book of his own, so I got him one.  I threw one in the cart for myself as well.  :)

He's been wearing this cowboy hat nonstop since Monday.

Jayden was very pleased with my paint selection.  I think she was very excited to have an artist's palette.

 After they checked out all the loot, they got down to business right away, Jayden with her paints and Ryan with his Smash Book.

Here are their works of art.  I love both!

It says:  "I am a good friend, a good sport.  In first grade 2011 I was always a star.  I was giving examples to other students.
Ryan did a little painting, too.

I ended my day with another walk and some more Jillian Michaels' torture.  She is so mean!  My shins are so sore.  I think it's because I'm so out of shape and perhaps because I don't consume enough calcium.  I hope it gets better as the days go by.

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