Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Night Treat

Turns out ice cream sundaes at 10:00 on a Friday night wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had.

Ice cream, sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, hot fudge...the works.

It was like I fed them speed for dessert.

They started doing hand stands and were trying to walk across the kitchen on their hands.  Ryan busted out with his own version of the Thriller dance.

Jayden couldn't stop laughing...and then proceeded to say "I love him, I just love him," in reference to her brother and his silly antics.  I don't think I've ever heard her admit that.  LOL.

They were acting drunk...seriously.

 I have to admit, though, that it was a mighty tasty treat.  Yumm-o.

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  1. If you're going to be up at this hour, you might as well have a baby to keep you company!