Friday, March 16, 2012


My husband just pointed out to me that two days ago, March 14th, was our anniversary.  He was mad at himself that he forgot.  Honestly, I forgot about it, too.

March 14th is not the date we got married.  It's the date we started going out.  He made it official by asking me to be his girlfriend in a note.  Ha!

I was 16 then.  He was.....uh, older.  ;)

That was 1999, the year of Britney Spears.  Hit me baby one more time...

I've been smooching the same lips for 13 years.


Holy crap.

I will never forget what he did for me on our four-month anniversary.  He sent me a floral arrangement with four roses.  The little note that came with it said:  "Four flowers, four months.  That's easy.  What can I get you for forever?"

Still makes me smile.  :)

Turns out Grumpy has a romantic side.

Happy Friday!!!!

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