Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucy Lettuce

I find my kids very entertaining.  If they're not making me stark raving mad, they're cracking me up.

I try to document the amusing things they do on either Facebook or my blog so that I can remember it for all eternity....and perhaps torture them with it at a later date.

This falls under the category of things that made me chuckle.

Today Jayden showed me this picture she colored in school:

She's been learning about the food pyramid and nutrition in school for the past few weeks, and apparently her assignment was to color this picture so that it was true to life.  In other words, no purple peas or orange asparagus.

She told me that she refused to color Lucy Lettuce because lettuce doesn't have a face or arms in real life.

Seems pretty logical to me. 

Girlfriend takes her assignments seriously.  :)

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