Thursday, April 21, 2011

The conversations I live for...

Brand and I have a battle of wits on a daily basis.  We throw jabs at one another constantly, each with the goal of having the funniest last words so that we both start cracking up.  It's a never-ending "who's going to say the funniest thing" competition.

The conversation in this video isn't really that funny, but it's my reaction at the end that I love....and the fact that so many of our conversations end like this.

(The quality is awful and I appear to be upside down...don't know how to flip it.)

A rough transcript of our conversation this morning:

"B:  I'm tired of you hogging the bed all night.  Every time I turn around, your butt is right there in my space.

J:  Well, maybe you shouldn't hog the blanket.  Then I wouldn't have to be so close.

B:  Go get the blanket from downstairs, and this wouldn't be a problem.

J:  You know, it's pretty ridiculous we can't share a king-size blanket.

B:  It's not a king-size.  It's a full or a queen.

J:  No, it's definitely a king.

B:  If it was a king-size it would be touching the floor.  It's not that big.

J:  Whatever.  I should know.  I'm the one who bought it.

* Five-second pause

B:  Well, it's a blanket made for one king...not the king and queen."

Zinger.  He won.

Laughter surely is the best medicine.

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