Thursday, March 10, 2011

The idiocy I encountered this week and other things...

All of a sudden I suck as a blogger.  I want to post nearly every single day...even if the subject matter stinks.  So here it is:

Today is Thursday, but I feel like it should be Friday.  I'm ready for the weekend.

My incredibly healthy breakfast this morning:

In recent news, the decision-makers in my town canceled school the other day because one road was flooded in town.  Suffice it to say that I'm still pretty baffled by that decision.  I mean, come on.  Ever hear of a detour?

I didn't think to check my phone for the school delay/cancellation text before I got the kids ready for school because it was barely drizzling when I woke up, so they were showered, dressed, and had their shoes/coats/backpacks on and were about to go out and wait for the bus when I looked at my messages and saw that school was off.  I think the phrase that came out of my mouth at that moment was, "Son of a bitch."

Last night the kids had their winter concert at school.  Last year Ryan did not move his lips one single millimeter the entire time he was supposed to be singing.  He kind of sang last night, but you can tell that he is totally not a fan of being on stage.  He's a shy little man.

Here they are before the big performance.  My camera battery died right after I took these substandard pictures, so this is all I've got.

In keeping up with tradition, we took the kids out to eat last night after the concert.  There were nine of us altogether, and we were lucky enough to be served by the waitress-in-training.  She looked a little bit scared when she said, "This is the biggest table I've ever waited on."  And then when my grandmother asked her what kind of ice cream they had, she said something like, "Chocolate, vanilla, the regular stuff..."  She was totally flustered.  The first day of a job totally sucks.    

You know what else sucks?

The price of gas.

Enough said.

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