Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking some deep breaths...

Right as of this very moment, Jayden is in the bathroom crying her eyeballs out.  She has worked herself into an absolute tizzy.

We were doing a project of hers together for school and she gave me a heaping helping of attitude, so I got up and walked away.  I told her when she wants to be respectful, I'll help her again, but I need a break.

It's so hard to be eight years old, huh?

She has been home for an hour...and this is the second incident of the day.

She's already been punished for ignoring me.

Take a look at the apology note of the day:

I'm sorry for not listening to you Mommy.

I get about 4 of these a week.  :)

Even though Jayden is extremely emotional and can fly off the handle and be inconsolable for a little while, she usually comes back to reality quickly and can see the error of her ways.

It's just that little while of insanity that makes us all want to head for the hills...

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