Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Baby Store

The other night Jayden informed me that she wants a baby sister.

I told her that we aren't ready to have another baby right now.

She asked why.

I explained that having a baby costs a lot of money and, besides, it's not something that just happens overnight because babies have to grow in a mommy's belly for a long time.

Then she told me that I should just go buy one at the baby store.

I asked her where on earth the baby store is...because, shoot, we'll go there right now and scoop up a baby sister.

You know how some stores have special parking places for parents with infants?  They usually have a sign that looks similar to this: 

Well, Jayden thought that meant that babies were for sale in that establishment.

When I laughed and asked her where in the world she got that idea, she told me that I was the one who told her that.

I can't say that I remember that conversation...

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