Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Funday

Not really though.

I hate Sundays.  I always have.

I get the Sunday blues big time.  It even looks different outside to me...

But I love Mondays.  So shouldn't I love Sundays?

Yeah, anyway.  I digress...

Yesterday I cleaned my ass off, but if you walked into my house you wouldn't really be able to tell.  I scrubbed the kitchen tile grout with a toothbrush.  My right shoulder is killing me today from all the repetitive motion.  I set the Pandora app on my iPhone to the Shinedown station and scrubbed and scoured and scrubbed some more.

I scrubbed so hard that my I injured myself.

Cleaning wound.

Okay, so it might not look that bad...but it hurts dammit.

I wish I took a before picture and an after picture of the floor because I know it looks different, but unless you knew how dirty it was, you wouldn't be able to appreciate my effort.


So this morning me and the kids had some leftover apple pie with ice cream for breakfast.

What?  There's fruit in there....and there's milk in the ice cream.

Then I continued my cleaning from yesterday.  Let me share with you my necessities for cleaning.

There are but three ingredients.

1.  Snapple.  Duh.

2.  Knockoff Clorox wipes from Target because they work just as good and they're cheaper.

3.  Lady Gaga.  Very important.  Because you can clean and dance at the same time.  If you ask me, it's not possible to listen to Lady Gaga and not want to dance, even if you can't me.

Jayden, however, can dance.  She takes after her father.  And when she adds that iCarly microphone to the mix, watch out.  She's quite a performer.

 Happy Sunday!

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  1. You crack me up Jess. Happy Sunday to you, too.