Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letter to the Tooth Fairy

I reached my hand under the pillow to find a Ziplock baggie containing a tooth and a note.

Apparently Jayden was concerned.  She almost lost her tooth in school last week and was pondering the ramifications.

Mind you, she already swallowed the first two teeth she lost...and was still able to collect money for both.  So I'm unsure why she was worried, but I found this amusing nonetheless.

Dear Tooth Fairy:  If I lost my tooth in the gym, would you gimme money?  Answer yes or no.

You don't even understand how much I love finding stuff like this.

By the way, my kids' teeth-falling-out habits are making me broke.


  1. Love it. Brings back memories. I hope you're keeping all these precious notes.

  2. I love the way she spells gym.. as though she is speaking to a person. Jayden is amazing.

  3. How sweet. Brings back memories of my little ones and all the letters to Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc...

  4. She's such a trip! I love reading about your kids!