Monday, April 8, 2013

My husband says I dress like a grandma...amongst other things.

A staple to my wardrobe is the ever-so-lovely cardigan.

I wear them to work.  I wear them with jeans.  If you see me out and about, chances are I'm either sporting a hoodie or a cardigan.  Clearly I'm not a fashion icon, but my husband tells me I dress like a grandma.  He has straight up given me a complex.

I think my gray cardi is hella sexy.  So there.

I think it's time to clean my car out.  It's getting a little, uh, cluttered on the passenger side.

 Remember how I said my goal was to unpack all my boxes over the weekend?


Instead I laid in bed and watched, like, 20 episodes of Grey's Anatomy or, as Jayden calls it, Grey's Academy.  So much for progress.  I opted for McDreamy instead.


  1. I love that you rock the grey cardi, the black cardi, or any cardi for that matter! And you totally weren't kidding when you said there probably wouldn't be room for me in your front seat if we took your car out to dinner last weekend! I love ya! So happy you're back to blogging!

  2. You're not dressing like a Grandma...and by the way, since I'm a Grandma..I take offense at the analogy! LOL. Your cardigans look good on you.