Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm suddenly not in the mood for pancakes.

So this morning Jayden woke me up and claimed she was starving.

I really, REALLY need to go to the grocery store.  It's slim pickens around here.  No cereal, no yogurt, no oatmeal, not even a slice of damn bread.

I had two boxes of pancake mix.  The new, unopened one is the kind you need milk for.  Guess what?  No milk.

The other was the just-add-water kind.  It wasn't old or anything, just opened.

So I made the batter and started cooking the pancakes.  Jayden walked over to me and said, "Oh, Mama, you put blueberries in them?"

I said, "No, just plain today," not even looking over or wondering why she asked that.

About a minute later, it struck me that her question was kind of weird, so I looked down at one of the finished products and saw a purplish spot in the pancake.  It looked like a little blueberry.

I scraped at it with my fingernail and what do I find?

A worm.

A disgusting little mealy worm.

Oh. my. heavens.

I think I might have puked in my mouth a little.

Now I'm scared to eat.  Apparently the eggs from these creatures are found in the wheat, so they're actually in a lot of things.  If the food sits there long enough, it gives them time to hatch into worms and then turn into moths.

Yes, people, we eat worm eggs on a regular basis.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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