Friday, January 28, 2011

Going down in history as one of the most ridiculous things he's ever said...

After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts to get breakfast for me and Brand.

When I got home, my hands/arms were really full between the food and drinks and the mail that I was carrying, not to mention I was really tense because I was trying not to bust my ass on the sheet of ice that we have for a driveway.

Anyway, by the time I delivered Brand his donuts, they were a little squished because they were in the bag that I jammed between my arm and my body.

Do you know that this man had the nerve to be annoyed with me because his donuts were a bit on the mangled side?

I was like, "They're going to taste the same, squished or not."

He then adamantly proceeded to tell me that they would not taste the same....and he wasn't joking around.

I told him it's like living with another five-year-old.

Tantrums from the kids, tantrums from the husband....

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