Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Photos

Thanksgiving has come and

I'm getting into Christmas mode early this year.  I have even finished my Christmas shopping.

Shamefully, last year I did not put up my tree until Christmas Eve.  gasp.

I bought a new tree on Friday and put it up yesterday.  It's huge.  Our angel is going to be smacking her head on the ceiling.

It's not decorated yet, though, because I'm giving the cats time to adjust and learn that they can't go near it.  A spray bottle with water is my new best friend.  Surprisingly it's working.  Only once did one of the cats scale the tree like a squirrel.  When I sprayed her, she ran away and never came back.

Ryan getting ready to get his eat on, on Thanksgiving.

Looking pretty before dinner...and before the fighting ensued.

We had my Dad's birthday cake on Thanksgiving.  Apparently we weren't singing loud enough.

The kids with Grandpa...

Before assembly.

Pure Excitement

The tree box turned out to be quite entertaining for a few hours...

Ryan the Pilgrim

Ryan the Native American

Love the feather.

Naked tree...

Back to the grind tomorrow...

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