Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Conversation in the car

It is 8:20 and my kids are in bed.

I have had enough today.  I am blaming their lunacy on a Halloween sugar high.  There is no other explanation.

After school, we went into Michael's (the craft store) because I promised Jayden she could pick out some stickers.  While we were there, they also both asked for some slime out of the dollar bin.  They refer to it as "fart putty" because you can make such disgusting noises with it.

They have had it before and it is apparently very entertaining, so I let them get it.

In the car they were both laughing hysterically.

It was quiet for a second and then Ryan squeezed the putty again, the fart sound was made, and then Ryan said in the most serious voice ever, "I think I just sharted."

I'm sure you know what a shart is, but just in case you don't, it's a combination of shit and fart.  Basically, if you shart, you better go change your pants.

What added to the hilarity of it for me is that my children, for some reason, speak with New York accents.  They sound like they are being raised in the Bronx.  So it actually sounded like "I think I just shawted," which just amused me endlessly.

I was hysterically laughing inside, but I had to yell at him because it's obviously not an appropriate term for a 6-year-old to be using.

It's a good thing this little weasel is so freakin' cute.  You have no idea...

Word to the wise:  If you mix fart putty with sugared up children, you will most certainly want to run away from home.

The end.

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