Sunday, November 7, 2010

8th Birthday Party

Jayden's party at Roller Magic was a success.

All the kids had a fabulous time.

I don't understand how that place stays in business.  It's seriously in the most ghetto, hidden spot ever.

And another thing...I sent 19 invitations to school.  2 people RSVP'd, one no and one yes.

Now, I am not the best RSVP'er on the planet, but apparently nobody else is either.

Whatever.  For what it costs per child, I'm not complaining.  And Jayden didn't care either.  She had a blast with her peeps that were there.


Looking like a stud with his new haircut

Aidan tried out skating, but I think he liked the arcade better.

8 years old!

I made these lovelies

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