Thursday, October 14, 2010


Brand and I went to parent/teacher conferences last night.  I sort of look at such conferences as my report card.  I feel that the way they do in school is a reflection of me.

Too bad all parents don't feel that way, huh?

Anyway, both kids are doing great.  My son is one of the most well-behaved boys in his class...go figure.

Ryan controls the ants in his pants while he's at school and then unleashes the second he gets off the bus.  I'm telling you, he's wild at home.  He fidgets constantly.  He's forever running and skipping and doing flips, you name it.  He can't even stand still to pee...not that I stand there and watch him.  I can tell by the pee all over the toilet seat and floor.

But, hey, what's important is that he knows it's not appropriate to be an animal at school.  I've done my job in that regard.  At least the boy respects his teacher.

It's his mother he doesn't respect...the woman who birthed him.

Seriously, though, I'm proud of them.

And when we went to pick up the kids from my parents' house, my dad informed me that he taught them how to shoot the BB gun...and that Ryan is a great shot.  Just another thing to be proud of.

Thanks, Dad.  :)

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